How to Purge air out of a D'Aerator

If the two inline jumper hoses that are filled with glycol get a bit of air in them due to the flight, here is the procedure to purge the air and get started.


Step 1: Fill the 3 female quick connects with some glycol.

Step 2:  Fill the make-up reservoir with glycol and put a few drops of red food coloring in the reservoir. This acts as a marker for you.

Step 3:  Connect the Make-up Reservoir.

Step 4:  Connect one end of the Outlet Jumper Hose to the outlet (this is the ¼” hose with two male fittings).

Step 5:  There is a separate female quick connect in the same bag, connect to the line and keep it elevated.

Step 6:  Turn on the power to the D’Aerator.

Step 7:  On the Timer, press Set, then press the Up Arrow to add 1 minute of time. You will not need that much time.

Step 8:  To start the D’Aerator, press Set again and the D’Aerator will start pumping, once the air has been displaced, disconnect the female outlet off the end of the line and turn the D’Aerator power button off VERY QUICKLY! This will only take a few seconds. The line should not have any air left in it.

Step 9:  The same can be done for the Inlet Jumper Hose. 

Step 10:  The Inlet Jumper Hose has to be connected to the Inlet fitting so the filter housing is filtering all liquid entering the D’Aerator. Connect it to the clear tube side on the liquid settlement cell.

Step 11:  Connect the Outlet hose to the Outlet fitting and to the other liquid settlement cell fitting.

Step 12:  Start the D’Aerator and set it for 10 minutes to start, you should be able to follow the colored glycol back into the Inlet and keep pumping for 25% longer to ensure all the air has been removed. Add time as required!


Step 14:  Once done that cell, turn the D’aerator off and disconnect the lines and repeat the process with the next cell.