Scenario: normally when the DT Logger is connect to the PC running DT Logger Host software, upon launching it will try to connect to the logger using current communication settings. Once connected, the port and status indicators turn green and the Status screen should display logger information.

However, there are cases it will not do and the following error "Port Closed " shows up.  

Solution: The connection status is displayed on status bar. If the connection fails (status indicators are red or yellow, or status screen shows no status data), take note of the message and number displayed, then find the corresponding description in the below guide.

If the host computer doesn't have serial port, the USB to serial adapter can be used to connect to DT2011 single channel data logger.

Note: Most USB to serial adapters need drivers to be installed. Consult your adapter manual for detailed instructions.

Microsoft Windows system assigns serial communication port to the USB to serial port adapter. Since the port number must be set manually in DT Logger Host port settings dialog, follow the steps below to find out the port number.

The following instructions are typical for Microsoft Windows. The actual steps might slightly differ depending on version of MS Windows installed.

·Click on Start and open Control Panel.

·Choose System (switch to Classic View if System is not visible)

·In the Hardware tab, click on Device Manager.

·Expand the Ports (COM & LPT) branch

·Take note of the COM port number assigned to the USB adapter.

·On DT Logger Host main dialog, click on Port button. Select port number obtained in previous step.

For example, Control Panel view, see the screenshot below.

USB to Serial Port Adapter entry in control panel

In the above example, port #15 was assigned to USB Serial Port.

There are several possible problems as listed below.

Problem 1: Port not open. 

The communication port is being used by some other application. For example, the Bluetooth is opened and using the USB COM Port 10 & 11. 

Solution: Close other windows applications that might be using serial port assigned to the Logger.

In the case of Bluetooth application, close the Bluetooth application by selecting Off in the Bluetooth settings.

Restart the DT Logger Host software to reconnect the DT Logger and the Status will show Connected to the DT Logger if the port is not used by other applications.

Problem 2: Connecting to the logger message continuously displayed.

Solution: Verify that the communication cable is connected and connections are tight. Replace logger batteries with fresh set.

Problem 3: State Errors, Reading Errors, Memory Read Errors. 

Solution: Check the battery status on the Status screen on DT Logger Host; replace if necessary. Check cable for damage. Replace communication cable if in doubt.