How to copy files from RST FieldPC2 to PC or memory stick   

Scenario: customer needs to copy the files from from RST FieldPC2.

Solution: Follow the steps in the guide below to do the job. 

There are 2 ways to get the files from RST FieldPC2 either use USB connection or memory stick. 

For USB connection: 

  1. Install Windows Mobile Device Center (64 bit)
  2. Install WMDC Fixes for Windows 10:
  3. Connect Field PC2 to PC using USB cable (microUSB to USB), the following window will pop-up.


  1. Select Connect without setting up your device option. 
  2. Select File Management Option and Browse the contents of your device.



  1. Browse the contents of the device to find the files in the Field PC2 memory.



For memory stick:

  1. Insert a memory stick (formatted in FAT32) into USB socket on FieldPC2

  1. Memory stick will show up as “Hard Disk” in mobile file explorer.

  1. Navigate to datafiles, copy datafiles (press and hold, select Copy).


  1. Navigate to memory stick (Hard Disk) press and hold, select Paste. The files will be copied from the Field PC2 to the memory stick.