Scenario: Customer needs to wire a RST Multi-point Piezometer String VMP to RST DT Logger.

Solution: Follow the steps in the guide below to do the job. 

Multi-point Piezometer Strings allow for multiple Vibrating Wire Piezometers to be connected on a single cable. This facilitates the installation of fully grouted multiple piezometers. The single cable prevents vertical void channels. 

Tough polyurethane jacketed, Kevlar® (Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates) reinforced, non-stretch cable is employed to withstand the rigors of installation and is entirely water-blocked to minimize any leakage. 

No conductors are shared to maximize independent reliability of each sensor. Each pair of twisted wires are connected to one Piezometer and another pair of twisted wires also for a Thermistor if available. 

In order to wire them correctly, please refer to the RST wiring diagram provided with the supplied VMP, in case of doubt, please call an RST Technical support representative to obtain it.

Below is a typical wiring diagram, for illustration purpose. The wires colors must match exactly with the terminal block connections as shown on the DT Logger label, normally printed on a sticker inside the cover.

It is important to wire the Piezometers in the correct order as shown on the wiring diagram so that the DT Logger will read the right Piezometer at the specified depth, e.g. Piezometer # 1 at 153.3m, Piezometer # 2 at 283.3m, and so on.

For more information on the DT Logger Host and hardware wiring such as Vibration Wire Piezometer, please refer to the DT Logger Host Instruction Manual, Document Number ELM0080M, available for download at RST website: 

It is also important to take the initial readings of the Multipoint Piezometer String and the detailed guide to do this procedure is available in this video