1) It is always best to reset the Field PC before starting the programs on the Field PC. Press and hold the power button on the Field PC until the main menu is displayed. Choose Reset and the Field PC will restart. 

2) If prompted for a driver name, use 'ftdi_ser.dll' and press enter.

3) Connect to the portable tiltmeter if you have not done so yet.

4) Start the Digital Tilt Bus program.

5) Go to the Status Tab and press Update in Get Address, the program will display the serial number (just the digits with no zeros, in this example, it is 83301).



6) Enter the serial number in the top ‘Get Stats’ box and press Update. The header will populate.


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7) Go to the Monitor tab and input the serial number, 372, in the box beside the plus sign and press Update. Choose the Axis to read by pressing the A or the B. The Angle will be displayed in the units chosen in the drop-down menu.