There are cases when the DT Logger Host Software show the Error Message as following:


  • If this occurs often, double check the coin cell battery on the back side of the unit is properly seated.  Removing the coin cell battery will cause this issue to pop up as it is for keeping the non-volatile memory.

STEPS to fix:

  1. Select “Connections” tab and click on “Options” pull down menu

2) Select “Advanced”

3) Click “Memory Dump” and Click “Yes”.  This will save all the data so the data it can be recovered. The file is quite large (~4MB).  Please send the DMP file to our support team email at




4) Double Click in the area highlighted below…this is the “text” field and this will cause the Password box to open.




5) Enter ‘Flash’ and click “OK” to reset the memory pointer.  The logger will reset, and you can verify all your settings.