Collecting SAAV Extend Data

Measurand’s SAAV Extend is a unique type of SAAV that can be lengthened in the field by adding segments to the top of a base array as required to extend the sensorized length. This primarily facilitates monitoring dams and other structures that will be raised or extended repeatedly over the lifetime of the monitoring program.

Due to the unique extendable nature of the SAAV Extend, the collection and conversion of raw readings is slightly different from traditional Measurand ShapeArrays. In general, a base SAAV extend is installed and monitored in the same manner as a regular SAAV. As each new sensorized extension is added to the base array, it is treated as a new separate instrument for the purpose of monitoring and recording data.

However, displacement observed at each stage of extension can be added to the current displacement results as an offset to provide an accurate historical picture of the instrument’s movement throughout the installation.

The following set of steps outlines the general process for collecting and converting SAAV Extend data.



Converting SAAV Data

Data recorded on a Campbell Scientific CR data logger with a program created by SAACR_FileGenerator contains only raw acceleration values from the ShapeArray. Before this data can be used for engineering purposes, it must be converted into Cartesian data. The algorithms for converting raw ShapeArray data to useable Cartesian engineering units are proprietary; however, Measurand freely provides the SAACR_raw2data utility in SAASuite for this purpose. SAACR_raw2data will output the Cartesian data in two separate files: one viewable in Measurand’s SAAView application and another in plain text format which can be imported into various third-party visualization software.

Selecting Project Files

SAACR_raw2data is launched through Measurand’s SAASuite version 3.x and higher by clicking on the Data Conversion button. It is important that you have installed the following packages in SAASuite before attempting to convert raw data.

  • SAARecorder
  • SAACR_raw2data
  • Calibration Files

NOTE: By default all of these packages are installed automatically. However, if your installation

has been customized, then these packages at the least must be available. More information on

using SAASuite to download Measurand software is available in the SAASuite Manual and the

How to Download and Install SAASuite guide.



Once the above software packages have been installed, you can launch SAACR_raw2data from SAASuite by clicking the Data Conversion button. When you first launch SAACR_raw2data, you will be asked to select a conversion mode.

You could select Runlast option if you have already ran the conversion before or Reset Option and find the new data file from a folder that the file was saved before.


Click OK and the conversion process will start and a dialog will show the result at the end of the process.


Viewing the converted data file

From the main menu, you could launch ShapeArray ™ Viewer by clicking the ShapeArray (TM) Data Viewer and Open Project

Then select the data file multi_saa_allcart.mat

The program will allow you to view and analyze the data in several ways.


Click on the Filter SAA button to see the filtered data.

Click on Azimuth SAA to view Azimuth presentation.

Click on Quick View Button to see the 3-D graphical view of the data.