The standard output file format from an RST Field PC is a .csv file that can be imported into Inclinalysis.

If someone wants to import the data into DGSI’s DigiPro software, the files must first be converted to a .rpp file. This must be done in the Field PC as there is not a conversion program available for a desktop computer. The first step is to start Digital Inclinometer on the Field PC2 and select the borehole to be converted.

Figure 1. RST Field PC Borehole File.

Figure 1. RST Field PC2 Borehole File.



Click ‘View Data’ to see all the individual borehole files. Select the first file to be converted and click ‘Save As’.

Each file will have to be converted individually.

Figure 2. Individual Borehole Profiles.




Click on the ‘File Type’ drop down menu and choose the .rpp file type, then click Ok.

Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated

Figure 3.  Choose the .rpp file type.



There will be a warning box that pops up that the units will be changed from millimeters to meters.

Figure 4. Savong the .rpp file.

Once the files are all converted, they can then be downloaded to a computer with DigiPro software.