To set up a DT2055B data Logger with a 3 Point VW MPBX, please follow the steps below.

1. Connect to the DT2055B Data Logger with DT Logger Host Software. On the Connections tab, choose Options>Advanced to set the battery type and initialize the battery. This should also be done when the battery is changed. Check the Use Resistance Scaling box. Make sure to remove the battery tab from the data logger before leaving the site as the data logger will run off the power supplied by the USB cable until it is disconnected.

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2. Change the header to the MPBX serial number and sensor number for each sensor. This must be done for all three sensors and the initial zero reading (Ri) B Units must be input for each sensor on its tab. See the calibration record for all of this information.


Use Normal (1200Hz-1550Hz) sweep settings. 

  • Check Engineering Units and choose the Linear or Polynomial Method (chosen by the operators preference) these values are on the Calibration Record for the MPBX. If using the Polynomial conversion method, the C value is calculated using the initial B Unit readings taken when the MPBX is installed. See the information in the the screenshot below.
  • Choose the Units Conversion box and choose Distance for the units conversion (mm is the default Input Units, but Output Units can be chosen by the operator if they want different output units.
  • Click ‘Upload to Logger’ to save the information in the data logger. This will overwrite all the information in the data logger.
  • If desired, click in the ‘Display Format’ button to choose the decimal digits displayed in the output.


3. To check the current readings, go to the Monitor tab and wait for it to update. Make sure that all the information is displayed as intended. If the Monitor Tab does not display the information properly, go back and check the information on the Sensors Tab.

Check the wiring in the data logger.

4. To set the data logger collection interval, go to the Logger tab. 

  • Set the preferred interval
  • Choose the start time for the data logger to collect the first reading. (it is a good idea to take some preliminary readings at 1 minute intervals to verify it is working correctly. Sync to Interval will start the data logger at midnight. The operator can choose a specified Start Time or Start Now.
  • The clock can be synced to the computer or manually set.
  • Memory Options will allow the data logger to overwrite older data or stop when it is full.
  • For any changes to be programmed, the operator must press the ‘Apply Settings’ button.



5. When connecting to the data logger, the Status screen is the first to appear. It will display programmed information and show the current state of the data logger and battery information. To download the data from the data ;logger, click on the Collect Data button. The data is stored in the directory designated in the Connections tab, this can be changed by the operator.

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6. Data Logger wiring for the 3 Point VW MPBX is listed below. The wiring diagram will be on the last page of the calibration record. The Shield connection can be made on the middle connection of the terminal block.





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