1. Connect the USB cable between the PC and the DTSAA logger. 

Launch DT Logger Host Software (version 1.19.1+) and wait until the connection is established. 

Check Advanced Settings

2. Set the Delay before scan to 0.5 seconds. The delay before scan sets the delay after power up before commencing reading data from the Shape Array.
 Follow the steps below:

2.1. Select the Connections tab

2.2. Press Options button.

2.3. Select Advanced from the pull down menu.

2.4 .Press the Adjustments button.

2.5. Set the Delay Before Scan (s) to 0.5 seconds.

2.6. Press OK, wait for progress to finish.


 Discover SAA

3. Commence the discover shape array process. The discover procedure initiates the configuration of the array. Follow the steps below

3.1. Select the DT SAA tab.

3.2. Press Discover Arrays button to commence the discovery procedure.

3.3. After procedure is completed, click OK

3.4. Check to see if DT Logger Host has detected the correct value and starting Serial Number.

Verify the DTSAA is functioning  correctly

4.    Verifying the DTSAA will ensure the DTSAA is able to communicate with the SAA

4.1.    Click the Monitor tab

4.2.    Click Get Data. 

4.3.    After data is gathered, click Data Folder and open the sample file verify if data is present. If there are 0’s or NAN’s, rediscover the array again and verify wiring connection.


For RSTAR, see ELM0077I RSTAR Manual (or newer). For changing RSTAR Interval, see RSTAR section in this manual for description.