On a VW Load cell, there are between 3, 4 or 6 gauges and a thermistor connection. Each has to be set up as a separate channel in the data logger. In the case below there are 3 gauges and the thermistor.


When setting up the data logger the first time, use ‘Del Sel’ to delete all the tabs but one on the sensors tab. Rename the sensor tab to the serial number and gauge number 1 by right-clicking the tab. Click ‘Enable Engineering Units’ and choose ‘Linear Method’. Input the cal factor and the zero reading from the calibration record and check the ‘Units Conversion’ box and change it to Force/Kips/and choose your prefered output units. When the tab is filled out, click ‘New Copy’ and a copy of the sensor tab will be created beside it. Change the name of the tab to gauge 2 and input all the same info. Do it for the third gauge as well. Once the third gauge is created, click ‘Add Therm’ to add the thermistor for the load cell.

If you are only adding one load cell to the data logger, click ‘Upload to Logger’ to program the information.

Go to the Logging Tab and enable the load cell mode and choose the number of load cells in the data logger. Set your Interval and Choose your start time in Logger Options. Set the Clock Options and memory Options. Once you have all those set, choose ‘Apply Settings’.

Go to the Monitor Settings to check the output from each of the data loggers. The screen shot below does not display the proper temperature as I did not have a thermistor connected. You should be able to look at each load cell independently by choosing the load cell on the drop down.