Platform Selection and User Login

When the app is launched for the first time, the site technician user is prompted to select the server platform. The user must enter the User Site Name in the Cloud box for the Terra Insights Cloud Server or the Local Server’s IP address in the Local Server for On-Premise Affinity System. This information should be provided by the company’s assigned administrator.

Once the platform has been selected, the user must enter their username and password.



 Click the Forgot password? if it is the case and Enter the email to reset the password.  


For an On-Premise Affinity system, since the Terra Insights client is not networked to a mail server, the Forget Password facility will not be functional.

Note that Affinity Field App must be in Wi-Fi network coverage of the Terra Insights server very first log on attempt.  Once successfully logged in, the Affinity Field App retains the site technician’s log in credentials for approximately 1 week.  Within that 1 week, the site technician may log in using the Login Offline facility.  Thus, the user must re-log onto the Terra Insights server at least once a week with the online Login to refresh the log in credentials.

Site Selection

The Select Site screen is displayed after successful login with a valid user credential.   The Select Site lists the sites created by the administrator.  In the example below, several sites are created for different user groups.  Tap on the desired site to progress to the next list.