FlexDAQ Troubleshooting Check list:


1. Is the RSTAR Hub powered and running?

  • Check that the battery and solar panel are connected.
  • Check that the fuses are plugged in.
  • Check that the switch on the solar charge controller is in the On position.
  • Check that 12V are supplied to the Campbell Logger, with a multimeter (if possible).
  • Confirm that the RSTAR code is running on the station, using LoggerNet.

2. Is the Omni RSTAR antenna installed on the RSTAR Hub logger?

  • Check cables and connectors.
  • How high is the antenna off the ground?

3. Are the RSTAR DT Loggers powered and running? While the DT logger can be powered over USB alone, it may not be able to sync without the right battery.

  • Are the battery tabs out?
  • Are the D-cell LSH20 batteries installed (not the LSH14)? 

4. Is the antenna installed on the RSTAR DT Logger?

  • What is the distance between the RSTAR DT Logger and the Hub?
  • What is the line-of-sight between the two, are there major obstructions?

5. Do the DT Loggers have the correct RSTAR Network info entered? (See below the procedure to check)

Syncing an RSTAR DT Logger to a new RSTAR HUB

  1. Connect to the DT Logger with a USB and open DT Logger Host on your laptop.
  2. Under Connection tab, go to Wireless Settings – RSTAR Settings,
  3. In the upper right corner, click Enable Edit. Enter the password “coq”, click OK.
  4. Enter the “Serial Low” RTU number (SL) of the HUB (usually only the 2nd field needs changing). It   should be 13A200 xxxxxxxx. This is given in the schematic, as well as written on a sticker on the RTU.
  5. Check the following:
  • RTU Data ID is the same as the DT logger’s serial number.
  • Power Level is 4.
  • Auto Update RTU Addr box is checked.
  • Take a note the Radio Module Type shown.
  1. Click Update Logger and wait for settings to get updated.
  2. Click Advanced button in the lower left corner.
  3. In the Advanced settings window click Query Logger. Wait for ~10 seconds for the fields to populate.
  4. Change the RTU Network ID to the one of the RSTAR Hub. This is given in the schematic, as well as written on a sticker on the RTU.
  5. Click Upload to Logger in the bottom right corner and wait for settings to get updated. Some entries might turn red – that is okay.
  6. Close the Advanced Settings window.
  7. Click on Sync to sync to the HUB. Once synced, exit the program and disconnect from the logger.
  8.  If everything seems to be right but the Sync still failed, it could be possible that the RTU Label details are not printed correctly and it is good to check the RTU Details using a HyperTerminal software like YAT to compare and double check.