Scenario: Customer have a FlexDAQ and would like to set up a Cellular communication to enable the system to be accessed via LoggerNet.

Solution: Use a CELL205 Cell Modem to connect the FlexDAQ to Cell Network.

How to setup the system: 

 The system architecture is depicted in the diagram below.

RST Loggers Node 

Sensors data  >> RSTAR + CR6 Data Logger >> CELL2xx Cell Modem >> Cell Tower/Internet >> LoggerNet PC


This system enables the automatic data acquisition system to communicate via a cellular network over very large area and long distance to cover even the most remote area providing there is cell coverage. 


Below are the basic steps to setup a typical RST RSTAR enabled FlexDAQ System to communicate via CS CELL2xx Cell Modem.


First, please check all the components and make sure they are powered up. Insert the SIM Card in Cell Modem slot on the side.


Connect the Data Logger CR6 to the CELL205 Cell Modem by a CS I/O or RS-232 Cable. 

For CS I/O Cable, there is no need for a separate power supply to the Cell Modem as it is included as both data and power in one connection. There must be a separate power supply in case of RS-232. 


Connect the PC running Logger Net software to the CR6 by a micro USB Cable and open LoggerNet software to do the configuration setup for the CR6 Logger.


Go to LoggerNet > Utilities > Device Configuration Utility

Select CR6 Series,

  select the right Communication Port, e.g. Com11 for USB Connection (Check using Device Manager for the right port).



Select the Pakbus Address. Type in PakBus Encryption Key if there is one. Get the details from the sticker in the FexDAQ cabinet.


Go to PPP to set up Point-to-Point connection between the CELL 205 and CR6 logger.




Note: It is important to set the SDC address of both CR6 and CELL 205 the same, e.g. SDC Address =7. 


After finish setting up the CR6 Logger configuration, connect the Micro USB Cable to the CEL 205 Cell Modem to do the configuration setup for the Cell Modem.


The CELL 205 Admin control panel is accessed by browsing to the local IP address: 192.168 86.1 or



Go to LoggerNet Main> Connect to connect the CR6 to the CELL205.



Select the Station with the configuration just created and click Connect.


Click on Collect Now to get data from the CR6 via Cellular Network/ Internet connection.


If the setup is successful, there will be update of data files as shown in the screen above.


There is another way to see the communication between the Cell Modem and CR6 via web browser.


Obtain the SIM Card IP Address and APN from the service provider and fill in the configurations below.




Get the CR6 Data logger status and data files by entering the external IP address obtained from the SIM Card provider in a web browser.








Please watch this video showing the steps needed to do the configuration for a similar system.


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