When the DT Logger is synched with a FlexDAQ, the interval options settings will be disabled in the DT Logger and the interval is set in the LoggerNet when the CR Logger is connected in LoggerNet.

To change the Interval in the LoggerNet, click on Ports and Flags AND select the desired Interval, e.g. 10 mins by clicking on the button and it will be lighten up as shown in the picture below.

Then, the DT Logger will update its Interval the next time it synchs with the FlexDAQ.

Note: If the DT Logger was set at a longer Interval, e.g. 30 Min, before the new Interval is set and the new Interval is shorter, e.g. 10 Min, it will still wait for 30 Mins to synch with the FlexDAQ and then the next cycle will be every 10 Mins.