Sometime the RTU Firmware is out of date and needs to be updated with the latest version for the best performance.

To update the firmware for RTU, download the Firmware Updater from here: 

The firmware updater could be downloaded and installed before going to site.

Then, unzip and follow the instructions below.


                Logger firmware Update

                  Version 1.XX.0

            (c) Copyright RST INSTRUMENTS, 2020



The following loggers firmware can be updated using this utility:

DT2011, DT2011B, DT2055B, DT2040, DT4205, RTU, DTL201B, DT2485, DT2350, GAA2820, DTSAA

Instructions for running Logger Firmware Update on a PC



1. The Firmware Update will check online for new version. Download current version from

2. Connect logger to the PC using communication cable. 

3. Run the "Logger Firmware Update.exe" file.

4. Select proper Mode: RS232 for DT2011,   USB for all other USB connected loggers.

5. Click "Detect". Click again if no logger gets detected, logger might be in low power mode.

6. Click "Download" to update logger firmware.

NOTE: Logger data will not be affected by firmware update, but it is recommented to download data  before attempting firmware update.

Select the connected RTU and press the Download button to download the latest firmware for the RTU.

When the download is finished, the message will be displayed and indicate the latest version of the RTU firmware has been updated. At the time of writing, it is Version 2.18.

Click OK and Exit.