Connect the DTLink Logger and DTLink Wireless Hub to the PC running DT Logger Host Software via USB Cables and open the DT Logger Host Software.

In Connections Tab, select DTLink Settings and press Enable Edit button, enter coq in Password.

Enter the DTLink Hub Address, Network ID and DTLink Logger Address in the dialog boxes. Press on Update Logger button to update devices. 

It will show Update successful at the end of the process.

Press on Query DTLink button to check if the communication has been established successfully.

Press on Discover to automatically detect the DTLink Logger and it will show up on Wireless Logger List. 



To manually enter the logger, press on Modify List button  

Then Add new, enter the DTLink Logger details as shown below.

Press OK and the DTLink Wireless Hub will be connected to the DTLink Logger.


To read the DTLink Logger, select the DTLink Logger from the list of loggers and press Connect.

The status tab will show the details of the DTLink Logger being connected.

Press Collect Data button to get data from the DT Logger memory, then either Append or Overwrite data to existing data records in the PC data files. 

Press on View Recent file to view recently downloaded data in Data Viewer.


To setup more than one DT Link Hub to connect to the data loggers, the hubs must be set with the same Network ID.

Connect to the DTLink Hub that must have the Network ID changed using DT Logger Host. Select the DTLink Wireless Settings and choose 'Enable Edit', then change the Network ID in the DTLink Hub Settings to the desired number (in the example below the old hub (5FCB) was changed to match the new hub (5472) as all the data loggers were set to connect to hub 5472.

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Once the Network IDs are set to be the same, then both hubs will connect.

The Discover button will only work if you use the same hub each time, if you switch between hubs, you will have to select the data logger from the menu to be able to connect to them.