First, Login a site following this:

Logger Selection & Claim Procedures

The Select Logger screen lists all dataloggers within the vicinity of the Bluetooth range of the Affinity Field App (usually around 5-15 meters). The Affinity Field App lists the available loggers based on the logger’s 5 digit serial number. 

If multiple loggers are listed, please ensure that the site technicians can identify the target logger based on its serial number.


The loggers are typically discovered within 5 seconds.  The Re-scan button may be tapped to refresh the logger scanning process.    

All loggers on the list will fall into one of three operational states:

  1. Logger is already claimed to the current site – the logger is available for editing
  2. Logger is already claimed to a different site – the logger is not accessible to this site
  3. Logger is not claimed to any site – the logger is available to be registered to this site



   1-Claimed to Current Site         2-Claimed to Different Site          3-Not Claimed                   


If a logger has not already been claimed to a site, it may be claimed by tapping on the Claim button to claim the logger to the site. 

Ideally, the site technician claims the logger to the site while in Wi-Fi network coverage. This ensures that the logger information is loaded onto the Terra Insights server.   

All subsequent activities such as configuring the strain gauge sensors can be competed while offline.