First, Login a site following this:

Select the Data Logger that the data will be downloaded to the Affinity Field App. To download data from the logger to the Affinity Field app, complete the following steps:  

1. Tap on the Ellipses icon located on the Logger Profile screen, and select the Sync Logger Data option.


2. From the Sync Logger Data screen, select one of the three available download options:

  • Download – Download data collected during the selected calendar start and end dates.
  • Download New Data – Download data collected since the previous download
  • Downoad All Data – Download all data since the logger was initially installed.



3.  Transfer Data from Handheld to Terra Insights Dashboard

Typically, the Affinity Field app synchronizes data from the logger without Wi-Fi connection to the Terra Insights server.  When the site technician returns to the control center, the Android device reconnects to the same Wi-Fi network as the Terra Insights server.  The transfer of the synchronized data would then be automatically transferred from the Affinity Field app to the Terra Insights server, when the site technician re-launches or re-logs onto the Affinity Field app..   

  1. Ensure the Terra Insights dashboard is properly installed on the designated laptop
  2. Ensure there is an active Wi-Fi connection between the handheld and the laptop
  3. Initiate a data synchronization between the Affinity Field app and Terra Insights.  This can be done with one of two methods                                                                                                                                               a. Close and re-launch the Affinity Field App.  See figure below.                                                                     b. Tap on the minimize and maximize the Affinity Field App.  This will trigger a refresh event on the Affinity Field App and trigger a synchronization.  See figure below.




                            4. If there is any data to be uploaded, the Field app performs the data upload to Terra Insights.